Haala’s Zaaiqaa

In 2015, on a snow storm day, with a foot of snow outside my front door, stuck at home, I was baking bread and making some hot soup for lunch. Being a social butterfly, I had to click a picture and post it on my FB profile. That’s when few of my friends questioned as to why I don’t start my own website or blog. Though, the idea was very tempting and I felt it is something I would love to do but 4 years ago, I wasn’t just as ready as what I am today.

I wanted to introduce something that connects better to people. So, instead of just starting a random website and being one among so many, I started a closed group that started with around 50 people and now has around 2000 members. The group could have all members post their recipes and share them with other people as well. Not only did the group help me improvise my cooking skills, I learnt so many new dishes and innovations made by fellow members.

ZAAIQAA would always be close to my heart and I owe a lot to all the members who have been so appreciative towards what I posted and shared.

Below is the link to ZAAIQAA and if you are on FB and would like to be member, please feel free to apply. Its a closed group and becoming a member is only if a member adds you or if you apply, and are accepted.