Boondi ke Laddu
Indian sweet made from gram flour
Servings Prep Time
20No. 10minutes
Servings Prep Time
20No. 10minutes
  1. These laddus can make any occasion more colorful.
  2. You can also serve Boondis by itself.
  3. Laddus can also be made in different colors other than Orange/yellow. It’s just that orange happens to be the most used and traditional color for Laddus.
  4. Mix the Besan, food color, baking soda, and ghee. Mix well.
  5. Add water a little at a time making sure there are no lumps.
  6. The batter should be smooth and lump-free. Don’t make it runny.
  7. Add the Milk powder and you can also add a little more water if you feel the batter looks too dry.
  8. Mix sugar with water. Heat and cook till the sugar dissolve completely. Add the saffron strands dissolved in screwpine water and cardamom powder.
  9. Heat the oil in a kadhai/pan. Take the ladle and spread the batter and let the batter fall into the oil-like drops.
  10. Fry till they look crunchy.
  11. Take them out on a Kitchen towel to take away excess oil.
  12. The chashni or sugar syrup should be slightly warm and not too hot.
  13. Add the crunchy Boondi to the syrup.
  14. Add the almonds and pistachios to the boondi.
  15. Mix everything well.
  16. Shape the boondis as Laddus
  17. Decorate with silver leaf and serve. Keep them in airtight container.